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The Most Valuable Seminar
Experience You Have Ever Had

We believe business training should be no-nonsense, intense, and innovative. Get the very latest management systems in a refreshing atmosphere free of hidden agendas and sales influences. Our events are all value and no fluff. Our graduates are some of the most financially successful dentists in the country. Attend our events and change your life. We aren’t kidding.

The Most Influential and Successful Dentists in Our Profession

Graduates of the Breakaway Seminars include some of the most well-known success stories… from dentists-turned-consultants, world-followed dental podcasters, leaders of dental Facebook groups, founders of private DSOs, to some of the most profitable and compelling solo dentists. Nearly every mega success story has Breakaway in their DNA. Join the movement. Be next.

Free Staff Bonus Plan System

Feel free to click to see a training video of Scott walking through his powerful staff bonus plan. You will see how he aligns the success of the practice with each team member’s own individual performance. If you have ever struggled with a bonus plan or would like to understand how Breakaway structures compensation, you will find great value in this training module.

Who We Support


The Advanced Startup Seminar is the most innovative event of its kind, walking dentists through advanced cost saving and design principles while teaching the repeatable system of $2M startups.

Existing Practices

The most comprehensive and powerful Business Masters Seminar teaches dentists nearly 300 pages of growth-boosting business changes, predictable management systems, and innovative profit maximizers.


In the exciting and lucrative world of group practice ownership, Breakaway teaches the gritty details of management, infrastructure, and valuation increases for driven dental entrepreneurs.

Educational Events

Success comes from having the right knowledge, committing to
a mindset change, and then purposefully implementing the daily habits needed to move ourselves forward in a positive way.

Only through this diligent focus and positive thinking can we see the greater opportunities and gain clarity in this noisy world.

Scott Leune, DDS

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