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Advanced Practice Acquisition Seminar Buy the right practice the right way

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Don’t even think about buying a practice without taking this seminar first!

The Advanced Practice Acquisition Seminar is a two-day training event where attendees learn different models and strategies around buying practices and creating financial success. While most dentists complain that there aren’t enough good practices to purchase, a properly trained dentist will see opportunities for success everywhere. Strategies around buying ideal and stable practices, techniques to grow small practices, creating wealth through mergers, and processes for buying and flipping practices all give a dentist large success opportunities in the various markets around the country. This is the only seminar of its kind, and with hundreds of pages of content, a dentist will surely find immense value in this seminar experience.

Seminar content

Today’s environment for buying a dental practice is challenging, to say the least. DSOs are buying practices before they hit the open market. The demand for decent practices is so high in many areas that prices have gone up and many deals are lost to other buyers. What is left to buy many times looks unideal… small practices, unprofitable, old equipment, bad locations, low patient flow. In this tough market, we at Breakaway Practice only see amazing opportunities. Practices to buy and grow with a proven plan, practices to merge together to create tremendous wealth, practices to grow and sell in a large liquidity event to help pay off school debts, and stable practices that need to be properly supported to maintain that financial success. These different strategies are all taught, step-by-step, in the Advanced Practice Acquisition Seminar. After completing this training, you will see new opportunities that you had never recognized before. You will have the tools and systems to start the path toward financial freedom through practice ownership. If you want a no-fluff intense training experience on practice acquisitions, then you have picked the perfect place to be as you join countless other Breakaway Seminar attendees who have gone on to achieve very high levels of financial success through the Breakaway Methodologies of Practice Management.

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  • Understanding profit and loss statements and expectations in practice acquisitions
  • What is the right financial picture where practice mergers become highly profitable
  • How can small practices be grown quickly after the acquisition takes place
  • What due diligence steps are needed before putting an offer on a practice
  • How is a pro-forma P&L created, and what are the common adjustments and add-backs needed
  • What is the valuation strategy around acquisitions, and how do you know if you are overpaying
  • How might debt coverage ratios impact the structure of the acquisition
  • How to structure a seller note or holdback to make the deal work financially for everyone
  • If flipping a practice for profit, what strategies should be implemented to maximize short term value creation
  • What are the 12 Rules of buying stable practices with the goal of maintaining financial success
  • What are the lists of steps in post-LOI due diligence
  • How is the Wealth Creation Formula impacted with multiple locations
  • What are the specific business attributes of an acquisition that can be improved to bring an immediate financial lift
  • How can a small unprofitable practice be acquired and turned into a success story, within a short amount of time
  • How much debt can be afforded when looking at practice debt and school debt
  • How can selling a practice pay off school loans in 1 year
  • What strategies exist to clean up supply and lab costs in a newly acquired practice
  • What technologies should be used to evaluate a practice before the offer is submitted
  • How can outsourcing strategies be used to quickly clean up and grow a newly acquired practice
  • What are specific expense targets and profitability goals for acquired practices


All Dental Professionals $1495
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The Advanced Practice Acquisition Seminars are held in our home office in San Antonio, TX. Attendees will also visit a local dental practice. Please click on the link below to see detailed information.
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This two-day seminar is offered 1-2 times per year, typically on a Thursday and Friday. Please click on the link below to see the latest seminar schedule.

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