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Business Masters Seminar The most comprehensive business learning event in dentistry

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Intense training on advanced dental
business management systems.

The Business Masters Seminar is the flagship seminar for Breakaway. Covering hundreds of pages of innovative business systems and management principles, this event will fill attendees with excitement, clarity, and drive to move their current careers and practices to a higher level. Graduates of this seminar have gone on to grow their practices to levels of immense profitability, with some earning nearly $2M in annual take-home pay from a single location. After finishing this event, you will see the business side of dentistry in an entirely new light and will truly understand how to turn the wheels of your practices in a positive way. This seminar event is the most comprehensive and highest value of its kind in dentistry. If you are looking for an intense experience and hundreds of pearls, you are looking exactly in the right spot.

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Seminar content

Our two-day direct instructional Dental Business Masters Seminar has been one of the most highly reviewed business courses for dentists, establishing Breakaway Practice as THE business training company for dentists and team members. This Masters Seminar caters to dentists and practice owners of one or more existing practices. Within the 300+ page manual, covered over two days, subjects include financial tracking, metrics, systems, checklists, phones, billing, insurance, case acceptance, patient experience, scheduling, hygiene, same-day dentistry, and marketing. Focusing on the core systems and processes that bring added success and profitability, general dentists, and specialists attend this seminar from all over the United States, Canada, and other countries. With Breakaway’s vast experience in answering phones, managing insurance and billing, marketing, and helping manage hundreds of practices across the country, this seminar offers the step-by-step instructions on performing these activities properly in a predictable and proven way. As the most sought-after seminar, due to the breadth of material covered and the unique content offered, the Business Masters Seminar has been described as “life changing” and “career defining” by past attendees. Dental Whale team members will be available to answer questions and provide support throughout the two-day direct instructional experience.

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  • Study profit and loss statements, and what specific items set the most profitable practice apart
  • Key performance indicator tracking and reporting, and how should practices act on the numbers presented
  • How to completely systemize the entire office team in a simple and straightforward way
  • The specific tracking and checklists used to close up the cracks in dental practices
  • How to ensure things are being done properly, and how to bring added accountability to the practice team
  • How to create entire “how-to” guides for all duties performed in the dental practice
  • What exact bonus system to use which ensures the practice is profitable, brings accountability to each individual team member, and works on a long-term basis without a decrease in effectiveness over time
  • Inbound phones training and scripting, giving the step-by-step system to dramatically increase the number of new patients scheduled while also decreasing the missed call rates
  • How and exactly when to make outbound phone calls to fill the hygiene schedule and confirm appointments, including the specific verbiage and scripting used to increase success
  • How to handle insurance verification, including the forms and organization needed to accurately create and manage the employer groups and coverage tables
  • How to follow up on unpaid and denied claims, including how often to expect claims to have problems occur
  • How and when to follow up on overdue patient payments, including the exact schedule of events and tracking
  • A long list of items and steps to include in the patient experience, geared towards increasing referrals and case acceptance, including service steps, products, and patient perks
  • How to diagnose and phase treatment in a way to increase case acceptance and production
  • How to easily and quickly bring a hygienist on the same page as dentists in increasing case acceptance
  • How to completely eliminate the time-stresses between the dentists and hygiene departments
  • When and how to communicate with patients to dramatically increase same-day dentistry
  • How to schedule patients in a way where double booking is eliminated while production is increased
  • How to communicate perio needs, sealants, fluoride, and other procedures to increase case acceptance
  • How to pay hygienists, so they are incentivized to be successful while still doing what is best for the patient
  • How to implement and run low-stress assisted hygiene
  • How to increase online reviews on Google and Yelp
  • What are the 54 things needed in a dental marketing campaign to mimic those practices seeing more than 150 new patients per month
  • A manual with hundreds of pages containing all lecture material handouts, schedules, checklists, scripting, and other valuable items
  • Access to top leaders and advisors, including project managers, marketing experts, IT director, phones services director, insurance and billing specialists, and other support staff


Dentist $3499

Staff/Spouse $1199

Live Course: 13 CE Credits

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The majority of Breakaway Seminars are held in San Antonio, TX.
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This two-day direct instructional seminar is offered 6 times per year.



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11/01/2021 to 10/31/2025
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Our promise to you

The Breakaway Seminar experience will be one of high value. You will walk away with refreshingly powerful views of the business side of dentistry, and you will not regret the time you invested to attend these events. You will receive
straight-to-the-point best practices without undue outside influences. You will have dozens, if not hundreds, of implementable pearls and innovative systems. These events will change the course of your financial future if you take the step forward and implement what you have learned.

“Life-changing! Where else can you go to learn all the systems you need to run a phenomenal dental practice. Also hands down the most efficient, actionable, impactful CE I’ve taken while being entertaining and motivating. Fantastic food and great memories. Just freaking take Breakaway if you’re going to be a practice owner. Why fly blind when you can follow a map?”

Richard LowDec 8, 2018

“Just attended the Business Masters series and WOW! Scott does a fantastic job of presenting his systems in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner.”

Taylor NielsenDec 8, 2018

“Scott and the team at Breakaway Seminars presented a comprehensive set of information that is backed by testing and market research that anyone can apply to their business. I highly recommend anyone that is currently rly frustrated with their practice or team to come learn the systems for predictability and success. It was great to see that some of what Scott presents we were currently doing but could tweak for greater results. Get down to San Antonio and take one of the Breakaway Seminars!”

Shane FrancisDec 7, 2018

“Scott laid out systems and management of operating a dental office with great data. Highly recommend to the dental owner who wants more than average.”

Dr. Christopher Emdin Dec 7, 2018

“Loved this seminar. My doctor and I have the tools to grow, revamp, and make our practice more successful and profitable. 2 day seminar and I would gladly have sat in class for 2 more days!”

Jennifer CrallDec 7, 2018
3 men group of people on the seminar raising their hands group of people on the seminar group of people on the seminar

“Today is day 1 in my office after Breakaway seminar and I've already implemented 5 things (out of about 40 things I wanted to change) and getting real life results. This is a must take for all dental business owners. I'm coming back with all my staff. Thank you Scott Leune and team at Breakaway Seminars.”

Ken KimOct 9, 2018

“I recently took the business mastery course and found it to be very impactful. This was definitely one of the most helpful and useful seminars I’ve been too! I would highly recommend it, and make sure you bring your team with you ( I didn’t but wish I had) as it will make it easier to implement what you learn.”

Andy W. SetaputriApril 16

“Absolutely worth every penny and every minute spent there!”

Richa DuttaOct 11, 2018

“Great seminar with a TON of useful information!! Attending this seminar will impact the rest of my career.”

Ashton Wickwire

“Dr. Leune does a fantastic job of going through systems for every part of your practice and for every phase of practice. His methods are backed by empirical evidence and will challenge what you think you know about efficient and effect systems. I wish I would have taken this seminar 8 years ago. Thank you Scott for a great weekend of learning and giving me the tools to advance my practice from good to great.”

Jared SimpsonOct 9, 2018

“The Business Masters course was organized in a way that really helped me understand areas I could improve. I’ve started two successful practices already and I still learned an amazing amount. Lessons I had taught myself through failure and rough experience were explained with ease and in a way better than I had invented on my own. I wish I would have taken this course 15 years ago! I’m headed back for the startup course in preparation for opening my next practice.”

Justin BellOct 9, 2018

“Best place to learn the practice management. A lot of usefull , specific and targeted informatiins and manuals. Most of the informations are necesary even for non-US practicinf dentists. A must for U.S. dentists.”

Martin CyprichOct 9, 2018

“Hands down the best course on practice management out there. So many things to implement in practice. You get a huge book that covers everything you need. Everyone who’s taken this course will be successful practice owners!”

Husnain Shahid

“Best course I have ever taken! A “no fluff” course. You couldn’t shorten the course by 5 minutes and not miss out on valuable info. Engaging and fun!”

Peter Hoffman

“I learned so much from this seminar and can’t wait to share my new knowledge with my office team. Thanks Dr. Leune!”

Shelby Theresa

“This is a very well-organized company teaching dentists how to start or grow their dental practices in the areas of physical setup, hiring, marketing, insurance, operational protocols etc. It is long overdue that something like this was offered and Scott Leune is a smart and successful dentist sharing everything he knows in a well organized and efficient manner. My friends have loved the courses as well and have used the information to great success. Highly recommended.”

Mark BourcierAug 31, 2018

“Best CE I have been to. I received the information I sought out and more. I will sign up for other courses down the road. No fluff or sales pitch. While they are affiliated with other companies that offer different types of dental services, they don’t shove it down your throat. If you are interested, they have tables you can walk by and talk with someone after class regarding the other services. You will learn different and innovative ideas to run/manage your practice more effectively and more efficiently, specific to your type of office (specialty, group, solo). You will not be disappointed if you’re looking for methods to organize the systems in your office and decrease the headaches. Thanks Scott!”

Jonathan Hairr

“Took the Business Masters seminar in Feb. It was great, gave a lot of information on working systems throughout the office as well as touched on how much you should be spending on things to be successful. Will be sending my staff for some of the seminars too!”

Frances GollyFebruary 18

“What an incredible two days! Every Breakaway Seminar I have attended over the years has given me great incite in how to improve and grow my practice(s). There are so many things to take away and implement after this Business Masters Seminar. I believe every practice owner needs to hear your simple fixes and improvements for many things that dental practice owners have been doing wrong for years. Thank you!”

Pierre GhattasFebruary 12

“One phrase that can summarize this seminar is “ Eye Opener” , it doesn’t matter if you have been in dentistry for 2 years or 20 years ( the latest being my case), the concepts that are explained are unique and really helpful for understanding and development of your practice management skills. I would recommend this seminar to all my fellow colleagues. Thanks Dr Leune and all your staff.”

Maria M. UmpierreFebruary 12

Our Guarantee

The Breakaway Seminar experience will be one of high value. You will walk away with refreshingly powerful views of the business side of dentistry, and you will not regret the time you invested to attend these events.

These events will change the course of your financial future if you take the step forward and implement what you have learned.

Your decision to attend is absolutely backed by our promise.
If, after attending the first full day of the course, you do not feel you have received value for your new practice, turn in your materials by 5:00 PM with your written notice, and we will send you a 100% refund for the tuition for the event

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