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Breakaway Seminars FAQs

  • I took the advanced start up seminar. Excellent CE course breaking down the different steps of starting your own practice. Definitely focused on GP’s starting up exclusively on a loan but I think it’s still worth it even if you’re a specialist or a seasoned doc with working capital. They will push their own products but nowhere as bad as other courses so that was a plus. Would recommend.

    Alex Sy
  • I attended the Advanced Startup seminar. Very concise, useful information - and lots of it. Scott presents everything very clearly and the manual given out is followed step by step. The organization of the material follows the same thought process as if you were about to open a practice. Its best to take this course up to a year before you plan to be open. Yes, they have products to sell but only because they developed their own version of resources to stay consistent with the model they present. Scott's belief in his model is apparent in every one of his companies.

    Matthew Hubis
  • Fantastic experience! Definitely recommended for new and experienced dentists!

    Jamie Jarema
  • This advanced startup seminar was very informative. Super detailed and useful about all aspects of doing a startup. The mastermind Dr. Scott Leune is charismatic and easy to listen to. Highly recommend!

    Tres Layton
  • Absolutely invaluable learning experience. Scott outlines all the steps needed to start a practice, implement systems, and be successful as a new practice owner. This is worth your time and money to have this information all compiled for you and presented in this 2-day seminar. Highly recommended

    Nicole T

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