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Office Manager Mastery The most effective event to create rock star office managers
with breakaway business methodologies

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Your office manager will return to your
practice fired up and equipped to grow

The Office Manager Mastery event is a powerful experience where your team will be heavily trained in business management and dental practice operations. Office managers are fully equipped with the tools, systems, and checklists they need to immediately clean up issues and impact practice growth. While this event provides a heavy focus on growing the practice’s profitability while managing the busy daily operations, it also includes communication and HR strategies for the office manager to learn. At this event, most team members are current office managers. However, this is also an ideal event to send a newly hired front office person to, even with no dental experience, and quickly train them up to an advanced level of dental management. This event will fully align the office managers with the owner of the practice. It is very powerful and thus is one of Dr. Leune’s favorite events to lead.

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This intense training seminar will quickly elevate office managers and the front office team’s effectiveness in the practice by indoctrinating them into the Breakaway Business Systems and Philosophies. Complete with a manual of hundreds of pages, this two-day experience is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways for a practice owner to invest in the team and boost practice organization and success. The seminar focuses on a dozen topics as they relate to the office manager and front office team, and provides the team member with a driven sense of purpose and organizational tools needed to immediately implement change and growth.

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  • What are the top measurable numbers to monitor in a dental practice, and how does an office manager use them to detect needed change
  • How should staff duties be defined and organized across the team
  • What tasks should be broken into recurring efforts managed by checklists and audits
  • How can the entire patient experience be systemized into one manageable process
  • How should an office manager go about creating a detailed operational training guide for their team
  • What are examples of needed audits, and how does an office manager address failed performance
  • What is the comprehensive list of duties an office manager needs to perform every day, week, month, and quarter
  • Where should employee recruitment efforts be concentrated
  • How should an office manager use a series of skill tests during the interview process
  • How can the office manager predictably manage certification tracking, ce requirements, and other licensure requirements across the entire team
  • What does a high-performance bonus plan structure look like
  • How should hygienists be compensated, beyond a simple hourly pay or weekly salary
  • An entire detailed staff compensation system to promote skill gains and performance
  • How should an office manager address capacity issues at a practice
  • How to use virtual services and outsourcing as powerful tools, and when do they not make sense
  • What are the specific bottlenecks in phones causing less patients to schedule
  • How should the phone system be set up
  • What exactly should the dental team say on the phone to patients
  • What are the specific payment options a practice should offer to gain in case acceptance
  • How should those payment options be presented to patients
  • How does a discount plan and warranty program fit within the practice
  • What are the main factors affecting patient flow, and how can those things be improved
  • How do diagnosis levels influence the growth and performance of a practice
  • Marketing pearls to consider in rolling out new efforts and campaigns
  • How should the facility and amenities of the practice be elevated to improve patient experience
  • What does a strong children’s choreographed experience look like
  • How should treatment be phased when presenting to patients
  • What tools enable the clinical team to communicate better, and how should the clinical workflow be adjusted
  • What is the proper way to schedule in order to maximize financial performance while minimizing stresses and conflicts in timing and workflow
  • What are some easy pearls to implement which would make dealing with insurance and billing more predictable
  • Case studies of practices, including profit and loss statements and performance metrics
  • Access to top leaders and advisors, including project managers, marketing experts, IT director, phones services director, insurance and billing specialists, and other support staff


All Dental Professionals $1,380
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Breakaway Seminars are held in San Antonio, TX, and in regional cities around the US.
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This two-day seminar is offered 3 times per year.


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11/01/2021 to 10/31/2025
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  • Superb content. Well written and presented. Proven success from simple measures clearly laid out ready to implement. Amazing seminar, highly recommend to every office manager and new owner.

    Renee Golemba
  • I absolutely LOVED the Breakaway Seminar! It was the very BEST one I have ever been too!! I am super excited to get back to the office and share all this information with our team!

    Ashley Evans
  • During my 42 year dental career, this is by far the best practice management seminar I have been to. Dr. Scott Levine is very engaging and tells it how it is in the “real” dental office. The seminar ran like a well oiled machine treated and made you feel like a VIP.

    Jeannine Kotschwar
  • A True Wealth of knowledge. Recommend ten times over.

    Monica Patel
  • From a value proposition, this seminar exceeds expectations and is a great use of any practice owner or office manager’s time. Logistics of the actual meeting are excellently planned as well.

    Laji James

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