Group Practice Ownership Seminar

This two day seminar is geared toward dentists and practice executives who currently manage many locations, as well as those who aspire to own and manage a larger enterprise of practices. Unlike any other group seminar, this course teaches the ins and outs of advanced practice management. Catering to the enterprise environment, this seminar material covers predictable implementation, group legalities, and the management challenges faced in growth. All topics are focused on larger dental organizations and include profitability, phones management, scheduling, insurance and billing, marketing, associate management, business models, compliance, legalities, funding, valuations and current EBITDA multiples. Experts from private equity, investment banking, legal, compliance, financial reporting, outsourcing and centralized management, come together to deliver a highly valuable set of information.

Each attendee will develop a long list of potential improvements that will lead to a higher level of success. Industry experts will share knowledge on current trends and updates in the dental group space. This course is fast paced and heavy in content and value. The top experts actively involved in managing hundreds of locations across the country will equip attendees with the scripting, technology, handouts, and systems needed for implementation. If you want to own multiple locations, currently manage multiple locations, are part of a larger regional dental group, or are considering maximizing the value of your group for a future exit, this seminar will prove an efficient and valuable investment of your time.

  • Financial reporting and metrics tracking, including acting on struggling performance
  • Systemization and auditing to increase implementation across multiple locations
  • Phones scripting and training to increase conversion rates and decrease missed calls
  • Leveraging outsourcing to add needed infrastructure and predictability while focusing dollars and management on growth
  • Insurance and Billing systems to maintain predictable total AR of below 70% of one month’s production
  • Systemizing an improved patient experience, including the products and vendors used
  • Training associate dentists to increase case acceptance
  • Managing and growing hygiene departments in an enterprise environment
  • Properly tracking and implementing marketing processes for increased new patient flow
  • Current updates on the legalities of the groups space
  • Current funding and debt environments for dental groups
  • Recent and future expected groups sales and EBITDA multiples
  • Current trends on valuations, including the list of performance indicators evaluated in the group space
  • Current and emerging business models and structuring
  • Vendors with products and services catered to enterprise levels
  • Access to representatives specializing in dental groups in industries including investment banking and private equity, legal, financial and metrics reporting, accounting and bookkeeping, advanced outsourcing, de novo and expansion infrastructure, operations consultants, specialized consultants, and more