Office Manager Mastery Seminar

This intense training seminar will quickly elevate office managers and the front office team’s effectiveness in the practice by indoctrinating them into the Breakaway Business Systems and Philosophies. Complete with a manual, hundreds of pages long, this two-day experience is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways for a practice owner to invest in the team and boost practice organization and success. The seminar focuses on a dozen topics as they relate to the office manager and front office team. Some of these topics include:

  • How to effectively ensure all practice staff are completing their job duties every day
  • How to audit and track individual job performance
  • The specific metrics which are vital to track and improve
  • How to build a properly choreographed new patient experience
  • How to analyze and effectively improve the profitability of the practice as seen on financial statements
  • How to recruit applicants, use scientific data to select the top performers, onboard new hires, and review their performance
  • How to put together a management structure of meetings, huddles, audits, and training to ensure continued success in the dental practice
  • Creating and implementing a staff bonus plan
  • Improved systems for scheduling
  • The latest Breakaway systems for case acceptance
  • Structuring and running an assisted hygiene department
  • Specific ways to manage multiple locations
  • Structuring phone systems and training for high conversion
  • Utilizing 3rd party centralization of back office tasks
  • Properly managing collections and AR
  • And so much more….


This seminar is ideal for:

  • Seasoned office managers
  • Newly-promoted office manager
  • Key front office staff
  • Managers of multiple locations
  • Owners

If you desire an efficient and intense 2-day boot camp in Breakaway Business Systems, geared toward practice managers, this course will be a perfect fit and a vital aspect of your team’s training experience.