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Transformation Retreat Elevate your success. Elevate your life.

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The most powerful experience in dentistry
for life design and wealth creation

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  • Are you a successful dentist but struggle to find balance?
  • Is your dental practice underperforming?
  • Do you want to grow your net worth, but you don’t seem to have the time?
  • Are you an associate and wish to change your financial situation?
  • Is your business life compromising your personal life?
  • Are you fully aligned with a lucrative business strategy and plan?
  • Are you procrastinating or hiding from change?
  • Is your life outside of dentistry properly structured?
  • Are you seemingly successful, yet you know you should be achieving more?
  • Are your relationships, your health, and your self-fulfillment strong?
  • Are you achieving significant financial success?

The Breakaway Transformation Retreat is an intense deep dive into the core strategies that unlock success and happiness. Dr. Scott Leune will help you to not only understand how to reengineer your financial and personal life, but he will walk you through his P.E.A.C.E system for implementation and change. This small-group retreat dives deep into the power of focus and reframing. You will learn how to integrate personal and relationship goals with business operations and wealth building. You will learn how your current assumptions and mental limitations are blinding you from seeing answers to your most important questions. You will realize how to move forward down the path of wealth and life building as you transform your thinking. And importantly, you will walk away with a plan of action for your career and life.

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What to expect

The retreat begins Thursday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. During your 3 days with us, Dr. Scott Leune will lead the small group as he walks through his systematic life design methodology. You will see his personal life and thinking process, he will give feedback and planning techniques specific to you, and you will experience a transformative weekend as you elevate your life and wealth goals. He will teach eight pillars of life success, and you will understand his P.E.A.C.E system for implementation and change. Retreatants will be energized and organized, ready to start a new chapter after this healthy reset experience.


Whether you are a new dentist, an associate, an owner, or a dental entrepreneur, this retreat will reset your thinking and give you the needed insights to elevate your wealth and your life.

Success Process

Mind Reset

Current situation is evaluated, assumptions are challenged, goals and values are applied, thinking is changed.

New insights

Outside experiences are revealed, data is analyzed, expert feedback is applied, connections are made.

Life design

Priotities are aligned, strategies are defined, action plans are created, benchmarks are set.


Implementation schedule is committed to, P.E.A.C.E system is applied, benchmarks are achieved.

Elevated success

Accomplishements are attained, successes are celebrated, wealth is created, choices are expanded.


All Dental Professionals $3.995
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The Transformation Retreats are held in various locations throughout San Antonio, TX.
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This three-day seminar is offered 2 times per year.

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