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Powerful Practice Management Systems
to Maximize Your Success.
“I took a practice start up course with Dr. Leune and my life changed. I went from zero knowledge on how to do a start up, to having not only great info but a manual with resources and ideas as well as solid advice.
Truly outstanding and one of a kind education!”
“Truly outstanding and one of a kind education!”
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Redefining Dental Success & Practice Management

Like other Breakaway Practice Seminar attendees, you can experience double-digit growth. You can achieve higher profitability without double-booking patients or hiring an expensive consultant. And if you are just opening your first practice, our seminars will provide you with the information to ensure your practice will be one of the most successful and lucrative practices in your area.
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Breakaway Seminars: Business Masters’ Series

Business Masters Seminar


Do you wish your business acumen was as strong as your dentistry skills?

This two-day seminar is designed for dentists who want to take their practices to the next level with substantial new patient flow, high profits and proven business systems.

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Breakaway Seminars: Transformation Retreat

Transformation Retreat


Do you desire to elevate your level of success?

The Breakaway Transformation Retreat is an intense deep dive into the core strategies that unlock success and happiness. Dr.Scott Leune will help you to not only understand how to reengineer your financial and personal life, but he will walk you through his P·E·A·C·E system for implementation and change. This small-group retreat dives deep into the power of focus and reframing.

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Breakaway Seminars: Advanced Startup Series

Advanced Startup Seminar


Are you considering building a startup dental practice?

This two-day seminar shows you smart, cutting-edge techniques to dramatically reduce the costs of building a practice, with the average dentist saving over $200,000. This course also provides systems on location selection, business management, and marketing,

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Breakaway Seminars: New Dentist Bootcamp

New Dentist Bootcamp


Are you a New Dentist?

Experience two days of the most important business systems and career decisions in dentistry for the new dentist. The New Dentist Bootcamp is a whirlwind experience with intense and fast-paced business and career training. New Dentists will be exposted to advanced systems for the most important aspects of private practice, of business, and of their careers.

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Breakaway Seminars: Office Manager Mastery

Office Manager Mastery


Would you like to see your front office staff work more efficiently?

This intense training seminar will quickly elevate office managers and the front office team's effectiveness by educating them about the Breakaway Business Systems and Philosophies. Complete with a manual, this two-day experience is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to boost practice organization and success.

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Breakaway Seminars: Enterprise for Groups

Seminar for Group Practice Ownership


Are you interested in owning multiple locations?

This two-day seminar is geared toward dentists and practice executives who currently manage many locations, as well as those who aspire to own and manage a larger enterprise of practices.

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Breakaway Seminars: DE Discovery Day

DE Discovery Day


Do you want to get out of the chair, become more entrepreneurial, and build your net worth?

With our 850-plus employees, we have serviced more than 17,000 dentists who cared for over four million patients in 2017. Dental Whale, the parent company of Breakaway Practice, has the right systems in place to help you succeed. A significant advantage our entrepreneur dentists experience is a sudden increase in practice valuation, doubling in value with a guaranteed exit strategy. Attend our discovery day today.

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See Why Dentists Choose Breakaway Seminars

Breakaway Seminars Founded in 2007

Founded in 2007

Breakaway was founded by Dr. Scott Leune in 2007 after he successfully built three dental practices with ten dentists in the San Antonio area and saw over 700 new patients per month.
Breakaway Seminars Mission

Our Mission

Our goal at Breakaway is to simplify the process of growing a practice and bring an increasing level of profitability to the dental practices.
Breakaway Seminars Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Systems are the key to efficiency in business, especially the business of dental practices. The best systems are easy to implement and easy to duplicate in multiple settings. These systems result in rapid and predictable growth for our clients, taking their practices to the next level of success.
Changing the dental seminar ndustry

Changing the Industry

Over 1200 dental professionals have participated in seminar events joining the move to redefine dental success and practice management.
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“Breakaway has been the most important contributor to my success. I originally came five years ago and came for a refresher. In the past five years I have started three very successful practices using Scott’s principles. There is no better ROI.”
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You see dentistry as a continuous learning process and have the desire to make your practice better. You are a business owner who actively seeks the tools needed to grow and expand your practice. If this describes your drive to rise above mediocrity in the dental profession, then you are the professional Breakaway Practice Seminars was designed for.
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