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We collaborate with dental entrepreneurs and practice leaders to unify their operational strategies.

What problems are we solving?

Breakaway can help practice owners emotionally…

The problems that a practice owner or a CEO have

Breakaway can help
practice owners socially…

Not understanding dental management complexities.

Gain confidence in dental business discussions.

Communicate effectively with dental teams and advisors.

Can't evaluate practice management strategies.

Feel secure in making practice-related decisions.

Establish credibility within the dental community.

Struggle with informed decision-making in dental practice management.

Understand the long-term implications of business decisions in dentistry.

Become a recognized leader in dental practice management.

Can't set realistic business milestones and growth plans.

Avoid stress from unrealistic business growth expectations.

Keep staff motivated and patient satisfaction high by fulfilling promises.


“Life-changing! Where else can you go to learn all the systems you need to run a phenomenal dental practice. Also hands down the most efficient, actionable, impactful CE I’ve taken while being entertaining and motivating. Fantastic food and great memories. Just freaking take Breakaway if you’re going to be a practice owner. Why fly blind when you can follow a map?”

Richard Low
Attendee | December 8, 2018

"The team at Breakaway Seminars presented a comprehensive set of information that is backed by testing and market research that anyone can apply to their business. I highly recommend anyone that is currently frustrated with their practice or team to come learn the systems for predictability and success."

Shane Francis
Attendee | December 7, 2018

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