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Breakaway Seminars emerged from the entrepreneurial spirit and challenges faced in the early stages of dental practice. Founded by Scott Luene shortly after 2005, the initial practice quickly became one of the fastest-growing startup practices in the country, drawing in over 350 new patients per month. This explosive growth led to the establishment of three locations with 10 associates and 700 new patients per month within just four years.

The journey wasn't without its hurdles. Early financial losses from rapid expansion taught us invaluable lessons in resilience and innovation. Breakaway’s response to these challenges was to revolutionize office management by centralizing essential services like phones, billing, insurance, IT, and marketing. This not only streamlined operations but also redefined the patient experience, setting a new standard for business efficiency in dentistry. These experiences formed the bedrock of what would become Breakaway Seminars.

Here, we share the innovative practice design, marketing, management, and operations strategies that have proven successful across a network of practices. The systematized approaches developed here have been shared with hundreds of practices nationwide, supporting over 100 startups and transforming them into successful operations.Looking ahead, we are committed to improving and growing the business to even greater heights, continuing to support dental practices with the knowledge and tools they need to excel.

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Non-technical leaders in dentistry often face hurdles with practice management technology. These challenges include: difficulty meeting operational targets, feeling out of control, unpredictable budgeting/high costs per clinic, and detachment from business growth strategies.

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