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Group Ownership Seminar The most important systems you need to know for
building a practice group

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Two days of detailed systems for building
and operating practice groups

The Group Ownership Seminar provides a comprehensive look at the multi-location space in dentistry. Covering important topics, ranging from legal structures to valuations and acquisitions to boots-on-the-ground operations, this two-day seminar event gives entrepreneurial attendees a well-rounded learning experience to help them excel in the groups space. After finishing this event, attendees will know best practices for structuring the organization, putting in place compensation plans, as well as HR systems and doctor recruitment strategies. Group owners will see how to create a management team for day-to-day operations. And attendees will understand the current financial and valuation trends. This seminar is not your typical DSO convention with minimal detail. This is a focused seminar for the entrepreneurial operator and builder of a practice group.

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Seminar content

This two-day seminar is geared towards dentists and practice executives who currently manage many locations, as well as those who aspire to own and manage a larger enterprise of practices. Unlike any other group seminar or DSO conference, this course teaches the ins and outs of advanced practice management. Catering to the enterprise environment, this seminar material covers predictable implementation, group legalities, and the management challenges faced in growth. All topics are focused on larger dental organizations and include profitability, phones management, scheduling, insurance and billing, marketing, associate management, business models, compliance, legalities, funding, valuations, current trends, and updates in the dental group space. This course is fast paced and heavy in content and value. If you want to own multiple locations, currently manage multiple locations, are part of a larger regional dental group, or are considering maximizing the value of your group for a future exit, this seminar will prove an efficient and valuable investment of your time. It would practically be irresponsible of you to miss this content, considering what is at stake and how important the latest best practices are to a group.

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  • Current trends and valuation multiples...what a group is worth and what are the things that increase valuation
  • What the current trends are regarding dental graduates, debt levels, insurance companies, and large DSOs
  • Best practices regarding legal structure, including complicated partnerships, protections, and financing implications
  • Strategies for retaining associate dentists through compensation plans, including phantom equity, stock, and payment formulas
  • Using data and predictive analytics to analyze potential associate new hires
  • Understanding the 12 rules behind successful acquisitions in an associate-driven or group practice model
  • Analyzing the impact of mergers and how to maximize valuation increases and minimize disruption
  • How to build an operational team, and what the regional managers should be focused on daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Specifics staff compensation plans to increase incentives for performance and skill
  • Financial reporting and metrics tracking, including acting on struggling performance
  • Financial benchmark for a group or associate model
  • Systemization and auditing to increase implementation across multiple locations
  • Phones scripting and training to increase conversion and decrease missed calls
  • Leveraging outsourcing to add needed infrastructure and predictability while focusing dollars and management on growth
  • Insurance and Billing systems to maintain predictable total AR of below 70% of one month’s production
  • Systemizing and improving patient experience, including the products and vendors used
  • Training associate dentists to increase case acceptance
  • Managing and growing hygiene departments in an enterprise environment
  • Properly tracking and implementing marketing processes for increased new patient flow
  • Vendors with products and services catered to enterprise levels
  • How to properly implement strategic planning with operational teams
  • Case Studies and example financials for analysis
  • Access to representatives specializing in dental groups in industries including investment banking and private equity, legal, financial and metrics reporting, accounting and bookkeeping, advanced outsourcing, de novo and expansion infrastructure, operations consultants, specialized consultants, and more


All Dental Professionals $2,310
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Breakaway Seminars are held in San Antonio, TX, and in regional cities around the US.
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This two-day seminar is offered 2 times per year.


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Our promise to you

The Breakaway Seminar experience will be one of high value. You will walk away with refreshingly powerful views of the business side of dentistry, and you will not regret the time you invested to attend these events. You will receive
straight-to-the-point best practices without undue outside influences. You will have dozens, if not hundreds, of implementable pearls and innovative systems. These events will change the course of your financial future if you take the step forward and implement what you have learned.

“Life-changing! Where else can you go to learn all the systems you need to run a phenomenal dental practice. Also, hands down the most efficient, actionable, impactful CE I’ve taken while being entertaining and motivating. Fantastic food and great memories. Just freaking take Breakaway if you’re going to be a practice owner. Why fly blind when you can follow a map?”

Richard LowAttendee | December 8, 2018

“Scott and the team at Breakaway Seminars presented a comprehensive set of information that is backed by testing and market research that anyone can apply to their business. I highly recommend anyone that is currently frustrated with their practice or team to come learn the systems for predictability and success. It was great to see that some of what Scott presented we were currently doing, but could tweak for greater results. Get down to San Antonio and take one of the Breakaway Seminars!”

Shane FrancisAttendee | December 7, 2018

“The Business Masters course was organized in a way that really helped me understand areas I could improve. I’ve started two successful practices already and I still learned an amazing amount. Lessons I had taught myself through failure and rough experience were explained with ease and in a way better than I had invented on my own. I wish I would have taken this course 15 years ago! I’m headed back for the startup course in preparation for opening my next practice.”

Justin BellAttendee | October 9, 2018

“Best place to learn practice management. A lot of useful, specific and targeted information and manuals. Most of the information is necessary even for non-US practicing dentists. A must for U.S. dentists.”

Martin CyprichAttendee | August 31, 2018
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