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Our Story Hard lessons learned. Extraordinary success achieved.

Scott Leune DDS, Founder

“One of the most dynamic speakers and business minds in dentistry, Scott has truly changed the course of our profession for the better while giving the private dentist an innovative set of business models to thrive from.”

Scott Leune DDS, Founder

Our Story

Shortly after graduating in 2005, Dr. Scott Leune built one of the fastest-growing startup practices in the country with over 350 new patients per month. However, a serious back injury left him in and out of a wheelchair for nearly twelve years and quickly forced him to get out of the operatory and focus on the business of dentistry. After growing his startup to 3 locations with 10 associates and 700 new patients per month in 4 years, Dr. Leune sold his group in a lucrative transaction. The experiences gained in this initial phase of his career became the foundation for Breakaway Seminars after innovative practice design, marketing, practice management, and group practice operations.

From there, Dr. Leune opened 7 additional startup practices within a 2-month span, eventually growing the group and selling it to a local organization. These 7 practices experienced enormous early financial losses and forced Dr. Leune to once again innovate how offices could be built and managed profitably from afar. After centralizing phones, billing, insurance, IT, and marketing, Dr. Leune redesigned the patient experience and other business systems within the practices and achieved financial success from then forward. These hard lessons learned have added to the educational foundation taught in the Breakaway Seminars.

After the ups and downs, tremendous losses and lucrative financial events, Dr. Leune focused heavily on building business infrastructure for private dentists: call center, billing services, insurance management, IT support, evidence-based marketing, practice design, and business consulting. Passionate about supporting private dentists, Dr. Leune expanded this infrastructure to help hundreds of practices across the country, including over 100 startup practices. The scale and data obtained through implementing best practices has proven to be an invaluable part of the Breakaway Seminar experience. Attendees learn the systems and strategies which have been proven nationwide and over a large sample size of dental practices.

Today, Breakaway Seminars is the highest value seminar experience in dentistry. Graduates of the seminars have gone on to build wealth, they have built consulting companies, they have become
world-followed on podcasts, they have created private practice groups, they have enjoyed large liquidity events, and they have become admired and successful solo dentists.

Breakaway Seminars has created a huge shift in private dentistry as dentists across the country have joined this movement to compete and excel in this challenging business climate.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Scott Leune, has a financial interest/arrangement as an employee and board member with Dental Whale, LLC, the corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing dental education program.

Our promise to you

The Breakaway Seminar experience will be one of high value. You will walk away with refreshingly powerful views of the business side of dentistry, and you will not regret the time you invested to attend these events. You will receive
straight-to-the-point best practices without undue outside influences. You will have dozens, if not hundreds, of implementable pearls and innovative systems. These events will change the course of your financial future if you take the step forward and implement what you have learned.

Free Staff Bonus Plan System

Feel free to click to see a training video of Scott walking through his powerful staff bonus plan. You will see how he aligns the success of the practice with each team member’s own individual performance. If you have ever struggled with a bonus plan or would like to understand how Breakaway structures compensation, you will find great value in this training module.

Seminar room Group of people on the seminar Dr. Scott with group of people Group of people on the seminar

“Life-changing! Where else can you go to learn all the systems you need to run a phenomenal dental practice. Also hands down the most efficient, actionable, impactful CE I’ve taken while being entertaining and motivating. Fantastic food and great memories. Just freaking take Breakaway if you’re going to be a practice owner. Why fly blind when you can follow a map?”

Richard LowAttendee | December 8, 2018

“Scott and the team at Breakaway Seminars presented a comprehensive set of information that is backed by testing and market research that anyone can apply to their business. I highly recommend anyone that is currently frustrated with their practice or team to come learn the systems for predictability and success. It was great to see that some of what Scott presents, we were currently doing, but could tweak for greater results. Get down to San Antonio and take one of the Breakaway Seminars!”

Shane FrancisAttendee | December 7, 2018

“The Business Masters course was organized in a way that really helped me understand areas I could improve. I’ve started two successful practices already and I still learned an amazing amount. Lessons I had taught myself through failure and rough experience were explained with ease and in a way better than I had invented on my own. I wish I would have taken this course 15 years ago! I’m headed back for the startup course in preparation for opening my next practice.”

Justin BellAttendee | October 9, 2018

“Best place to learn the practice management. A lot of useful , specific and targeted information and manuals. Most of the information is necessary, even for non-US practicing dentists. A must for U.S. dentists.”

Martin CyprichAttendee | August 31, 2018

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