Advanced Startup Seminar

Breakaway Practice has been intimately involved in helping build more than 90 successful startup practices across the country, with a success rate more than 3x the national average. The insights gained and systems created, as a result of these startups, are taught in this two-day intense seminar geared primarily for startup dentists. This course focuses on showing the steps of how to find ideal locations, building and equipping a practice for $200K less, and putting together the business and marketing systems required to build your practice.

This extremely valuable seminar is a must-attend course for those entering into a dental construction project. The Advanced Startup Seminar is recognized in dentistry as THE place to go for receiving the critical knowledge needed to succeed in your startup. All attendees receive a comprehensive manual of nearly 400 pages, a DVD of dental practice tours, and experience an on-site tour of our showcase dental practice in San Antonio. The personal tour allows attendees to see the Breakaway design philosophies, equipment, and organization in action. This course has been described by thousands of dentists across the country as the most beneficial tool they had when planning their startup practice.

  • How to analyze areas to find the ideal “needle in a haystack” startup location, even in competitive areas of the country.
  • How to structure and negotiate a dental lease to maximize value and minimize risk.
  • How to go about finding a contractor, reviewing bids, and managing the initial timeline pitfalls of construction projects.
  • How to design the practice to save at least $100K on construction costs, and why you should never have a supply company or local architect design the practice.
  • How to properly design the lobby and amenities to promote a great patient experience while minimizing bottlenecks and noise.
  • How to design the front office to eliminate checkout bottlenecks.
  • How to design storage areas of the practice to organize and systemize inventory while helping minimize expenses.
  • How to design sterilization and lab areas to give efficiency while saving money.
  • How to design operatories for maximum efficiency and cost savings while still providing the needed space and technology.
  • How to save at least $100K on equipment.
  • Lists of all equipment, supplies, and instruments to purchase for a startup practice.
  • Complete elevations of all cabinetry in a dental practice.
  • Complete list of all IT equipment and setup needed, including expected costs.
  • Dozens of example floor plans designed with the Breakaway design philosophies.
  • List of “must have” amenities for the practice.
  • How to staff a startup practice from Day 1 through the end of the growth phase.
  • How to properly setup phone systems, including specific scripting used to increase patient flow, how to minimize missed call rates, and how to track and see reporting on phone performance.
  • How to properly set up and manage scheduling in a startup practice, including step-by-step instructions on how patients should be scheduled to maximize profitability during the startup phase.
  • How to set up proper insurance and billing systems from the very beginning of the practice life.
  • Detailed lists and explanations of marketing, including exactly what a startup practice should have and expect, as well as budgeting and reporting needs.
  • How to operate a startup on systems and checklists.
  • What the most common pitfalls and missteps are in the beginning stages of running the business side of the startup practice.
  • An in-person in-office tour of a Breakaway startup practice.
  • DVD containing 7 video office tours of Breakaway dental startups.
  • A manual with hundreds of pages containing all lecture material, handouts, lists, floor plans, elevations, and other valuable items for startup practices.
  • Access to Breakaway Practice’s top leaders and advisors, including project managers, marketing experts, IT director, HR specialist, phones services director, insurance and billing director, bookkeeping and financial reporting director, and other support staff.